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    Vol 1(1), 2014
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  • Know Res., 2015, 2(3),  pp 117-123  


    Research Article

    Study of Bis-A Epoxy Blends and Bis-F Epoxy Blends Along with Impact on Curing and Mechanical Properties

  • School of Basic and Applied Sciences, GGSIP University, Dwarka, New Delhi 110075, India
  • Abstract

    Blends of diglycidyl ether of bisphenol-A (Bis-A) and bisphenol-F epoxy (Bis-F) were prepared at various Bis-F resin concentrations. The viscosity of blends was found to be in decreasing order with increasing Bis-F resin content. These blends were cured with stoichiometric amount of modified polyamide hardener. Their curing behavior was investigated by using differential scanning calorimetry. Water vapour permeability and tensile strength of blends decreased with increase in Bis-F resin, except the blend containing 10% Bis-F. Damping factor and storage modulus of blends, studied by using Dynamic mechanical thermal analyzer, indicated unusual behavior of blend containing 10% Bis-F resin.


    Water vapour permeability, Mechnical Properties, Curing

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