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Limonoids Constituents in the Stem Bark of Guarea Cedrata

1TitleTitle of DocumentLimonoids Constituents in the Stem Bark of Guarea Cedrata
2CreatorAuthor's name, affiliation, country B. V. SAMLAFO*, L. K DOAMEKPOR and L. H BOBOBEE
Department of Chemistry Education, University of Education, Winneba, Ghana
3SubjectDicipline(s) Science
3SubjectKeywords Guarea cedrata, Limonoids, Extraction, Lice
4DescriptionAbstract Presence of limonoids and related compounds which can be used for insecticidal and medicinal purposes was investigated in the stem bark of Guarea cedrata. The plant material was air-dried, milled and cold macerated in methanol. The concentrated methanol extract gave brown crystals which were subjected to thin layer chromatographic analysis (TLC). The methanol crystals were also subjected to qualitative phytochemical screening, after TLC analysis. Column chromatography was later performed on the crude methanol extract to separate the various components. Five fractions were collected from the column. The five components obtained, after chemical analysis all gave characteristic limonoid colour reactions with Ehrlich?s reagent.
5PublishersOrganizing agency, location ISSAC Publications, India
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8TypeStatus & genre Peer-reviewed Article
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10IdentifierDigital Object Identifier DOI:10.7598/kor2015.125
11SourceJournal/conference title; vol., no. (Year)Knowledge of Research, Volume  2 , Number  (1), (2015)
12LanuguageEnglish=en en
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